Local Ann Aesthetics At Local Ann Aesthetics, we strive to provide our clients with the highest level of aesthetic wellness care, available today.
Local Ann Aesthetics
I went to Local Ann Aesthetics for Dysport and can say that hands down it was the best experience I have had receiving treatment. When I arrived, Ann took the time to perform an initial consultation to find out what my concerns were and identify what results I would like to see from the treatment. She is a perfectionist who took meticulous care to achieve natural looking results. The treatment itself was virtually pain free and I started to see results within 3 days! The office is beautiful and easy to find, Ann is so kind and welcoming and she made me feel completely comfortable before, during and after the treatment. I would suggest Local Ann Aesthetics to anyone looking for a warm environment with great results! The services we offer include revolutionary new technology and warm and inviting service. I hope you stop by to see how we can transform your life. I had never done any sort of cosmetic work before. Ann did such a great job educating me and actually performing the procedure I don’t see why more men don’t come and get work done. I had the injections for my forehead done and I was shocked at how much younger it made me look in a few painless minutes. After a few days I saw the full results. I’ll be back soon for sure. I am really impressed by the treatment at Local Ann Aesthetics! I’ve had spider veins all over my legs and thighs for the better part of the last ten years. I recently lost a ton of weight and have really been focused on taking care of my looks and getting ready for the beach this summer. The owner Ann is a sweetheart and performed my sclerotherapy procedure. Its been a few months my legs look amazing. Nearly every vein is gone and my skin even looks better. Aside from the look of my legs, the pain in my legs is almost completely gone too. Thanks so much Ann, Ill definitely be back. My acne scars are really bad…growing up I had horrible acne, and I mean really really bad. I never realized that even after my acne was gone I’d be left with these deep scars, and it ruined my confidence. I found Local Ann online, and decided to try the VI Peel but when I went in the owner Ann recommended the peel and a prp microneedling procedure before. I trusted her and im so glad I did! My skin looks much better than it has since before my teens. My biggest scars are really hard to see, and I can’t wait to see how much better it will be after my next few appointments! Today makes 4 weeks after my VI peel and my skin is bright and vibrant! I had a few discolorations around my lips and nose area and they even look much better. I’m thinking about having some more treatments done, Local Ann does really do good work – highly recommended. My wrinkles have been a huge downer. They’ve been getting worse and worse for the last few years, especially around my forehead…I never thought I’d be dealing with these before 50! Thankfully my sister recommended I see Ann Yoney at Local Ann Aesthetics. She really knows her stuff, after my consultation she recommended I try some Juvéderm fillers and try this illuminating peel some time after. So far I’ve only gotten the fillers done but my forehead, cheeks and even my chin area look infinitely better!! Ive already told all my friends! I’m a huge sceptic, I totally would never fall for any of those trendy products or miracle hair growth creams. But then I turned 30 and could see my hair line getting sorta thin up top. Needless to say, I tried a few different things over a few months and wasn’t really seeing any results. I was online looking up some stuff and came across a medical spa, Local Ann Aesthetics in the Monroe area that does PRP hair restoration and decided to make an appointment. Ive been having sessions done every few months for the last year and I can honestly say that I saw results from the first set of injections!! My hairline is thicker by a lot over the last year, and I can feel my hair is just softer and healthier. And the owner Ann is a complete professional, you can tell she’s got years of medical experience just the way she works and takes care of her clients.
Rating: 5 / 5 stars

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At Local Ann Aesthetics, we strive to provide our clients with the highest level of aesthetic wellness care, available today. Having served the Monroe area for a number of years, our Owner and Cosmetic Director, Ann Tobin Yoney, hopes to bring a unique, new perspective to her clients when it comes to aesthetic enhancement. As a Board-Certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Ms. Yoney has spent years in the clinical healthcare industry. Her mission is to provide each and every one her clients the wellness care they deserve, within every one of her procedures. Hoping that each patient that leaves her doors, feeling just as good on the inside, as they look on the outside!

Local Ann Aesthetics offers clients a variety of different minimally-invasive treatments and procedures. We specialize in a number of Dermal Fillers, Botox and other Neuromodulators, Spider Vein Removal, Facials, PRP Therapy for both Skincare and Hair Restoration, Acne Treatment, Scar Removal, and a whole lot more.

No matter what your aesthetic care needs might be, we can help! Call now to schedule a consultation.


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By Asclera

Don’t let those unsightly spider veins keep you out of your favorite dress this spring!

At Local Ann Anesthetics we have got just the procedure for you. Introducing sclerotherapy by Asclera. Sclerotherapy is a revolutionary spider vein removal procedure that will have you feeling confident all year round. This minimally-invasive procedure can treat all types of veins, no matter of color, shape or size. Asclera is a prescription injectable solution that works by damaging the endothelial cells, which are lining the inner walls of your unwanted spider veins.

To begin, we clean and prep the treatment area, and identify all your unwanted veins. Once we have our plan of action in place, we carefully injected our Asclera solution into your unwanted spider veins, no matter how big or small. Then we let the Asclera go to work – as the inner lining of the blood vessel is damaged, your own blood platelets begin to latch onto the inner walls. Over time, these platelets, as well as other cellular matter, begin to create a blockage within the vein – causing a clot, and cutting off the vein from the rest of the intricate vascular network. The vein will eventually shrink and be absorbed into the body – expelled as waste product. In order to “pickup the slack”, the larger blood vessels in the area will take over and slowly but surely, your legs and thighs will be vein free and ready to be shown off!

Depending on how severe your spider vein issues might be, the procedure can be done in as little as 15 minutes! For more information on spider vein removal, or to schedule a consultation for yourself, contact us today!

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